My work on this project entails: I acted stakeholder and project manager for this project.  The team consisted of  6 members, with a producer that reported back to me. My job was to make sure the project was aligned with company goal and vision. This included recourse management, recruiting, securing crew and equipment in accordance with project needs, advicing and giving feedback on progress.

Title: Colorless
Developer: Digital Nature – Colorless Team
Platform: TBA

A lunatic (read missled) wizard has stolen all the colors of the world to use as his own. The young couple Marion and Santiago have decided to restore the world to its previous colorful glory. Now it’s up to the players, alone but toghether, in a perillious world full of ill willed creatures, to fight back and reclaim all the colors. The only hope they have, is their trust in each other.

Colorless is a 2D, Co-op, Multiplayer platformer in black & white, concieved with classic retro titles as well as Belgian and French comics as inspiration. Now also incorporating single player mode.


Inspired by the classic retro titles as well as Belgian and French comics Colorless delivers actionfilled gameplay married with stylish graphics. Also sporting a couple of twists, the main actions in the game allows the player to explore the concept of closeness through puzzles and challenges. Co-op till you drop!


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