My work on this project entails: Art Director, Game Designer, Producer. The road of work with Fairytale has been a long, but good one. It began as a student project and grew from there to an ambitious hobby endeavor. Bigger than it should be, more detailed and hand crafted than what most people would call reasonable, and with a production cycle going off and on depending on how much time and recourses have been available. It’s fair to say that this project has thaught me more about making games than any other project have, mostly due to all the misstakes we’ve made and problems run into. The end result is turning out well, and also quite beautiful if I may say so.

Title: Fairytale – Book of Lost Songs
Developer: Cherrytech Studios, Digital Nature
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

A 2D sidescrolling adventure platformer game aimed at children of 8-10 years old.

Play as the young ump Lyra who has to help her fellow umps survive and save her best friend from the clutches of evil. Talk and interact with the inhabitants of the world to recieve new quests, by completing these Lyra will grow, new areas of the world will unlock and the storyline will progress. To aid you in these endeavors you have a magical instrument, the Fantasio and your close friend Pim, a most knowledgeable squirrel helping you out.



Fairytale has an intuitive gameplay that is easy to understand. It evolves around exploration, platform challenges and problem solving with simple yet exciting puzzles that doesn’t contain any elements of violence.


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