My work on this project entails: Producer, Co-creator. Defining deliverables. management of day to day work and creative directing for a team consisting of around 14 people.

Title: Another Air (Working Title)
1Developer: Digital Nature
Platform: TBA

Discover the mythical places of the North, seen through the eyes of our main character and the ways of her people. A place where ice, rain deers, tundra, snow creatures and fjeld are painted out benieth a red sun, or cold mid winter nights with no sun at all.


A single player 3D adventure game incorporating action and physical puzzle-elements aimed at the young adult audience. Another Air is a dark fairytale taking place in a world and culture very similar to that of the Sami people of northern Europe. It is a colorful and frightful telling of a young woman with very unique abilities, and her quest to save her people and the reality as she knows it.

An experience incorporating discovery and mind bending puzzles, with a serious subcontext and effort put into making the inhabitants and characters of the world feel real. This is a story about fear of the unknown and the actions it can induce in human beings.


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